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Hydraulic Shearing Machines

Hydraulic Shearing Machines
Hydraulic Shearing Machines

We provide wide range of Hydraulic Shears which facilitate distortion and burr free shearing of sheets. These machines are easy to operate with reliable hydraulics. Cylinders are mounted on top side of machine for better strength and stability. Further good holding by hydraulic hold downs before shearing eliminates slippage of sheets.


4 mm to 25 mm
4 mm thick M.S. plate up to 25 mm thick M.S. plate. The standard cutting length is 2500 mm and 3050 mm, longer machines (up to 6300 mm) can be manufactured as per customer requirement.

Standard Features
  • Variable Rake Angle, required for different material thickness
  • The top beam is guided by 3 point roller system with replaceable
  • hardened
  • Easily programmable stroke length control in steps. This comes in very tandem
  • Multiple Rake Angle can be easily preset by touch screen
  • Servo motor driven, high speed back gauge will have Retract Feature is being sheared)
  • Back gauge can be programmed for up 10 batches
  • User can create, edit and save cut programs so that he does not have particular job
  • Back gauge fabricated out of reputed make - high lead Ball Screws, gauges maintained by Timing pulleys and timing belts (No chain Ball transfer units for easy movement of job
  • easy blade gap clearance setting through lever
  • Hydraulic Hold downs
  • Shadow line indicator
  • Squaring arm - 1 meter with steel ruler
  • See through Finger Guard
  • Front sheet supports
Optional Features
  • Centralized lubrication system
  • Longer Front Sheet Support (Fixed Type) with disappearing stoppers for Front Gauging.
  • Moving Type front sheet supports with liner motion guide ways
Shearing MS. Shearing MS. Thickness SS. Rake Adjustment No. of Hold Down
1500mm. 4mm. 2mm. 0.5-2.0 8
2000mm. 4mm. 2mm. 0.5-2.0 11
2500mm. 4mm. 2mm. 0.5-2.0 13
3100mm. 4mm. 2mm. 0.5-3.0 15
1500mm. 6mm. 4mm. 0.5-3.0 8
2000mm. 6mm. 4mm. 0.5-3.0 11
2500mm. 6mm. 4mm. 0.5-3.0 13
3100mm. 6mm. 4mm. 0.5-3.0 15
1500mm. 8mm. 6mm. 0.5-3.0 8
2000mm. 8mm. 6mm. 0.5-3.0 11
2500mm. 8mm. 6mm. 0.5-3.0 13
3100mm. 8mm. 6mm. 0.5-3.0 15
1500mm. 10mm. 8mm. 1-3 8
2000mm. 10mm. 8mm. 1-3 11
2500mm. 10mm. 8mm. 1-3 13
3100 mm. 10mm. 8mm. 1-3 15
2000 mm. 12mm. 10mm. 1-3 11
2500 mm. 12mm. 10mm. 1-3 13
3100 mm. 12mm. 10mm. 1-3 15
2000 mm. 16mm. 12mm. 1-3 11
2500 mm. 16mm. 12mm. 1-3 13
3100 mm. 16mm. 12mm. 1-3 15

Foot/Treadle Shearing Machines

Foot/Treadle Shearing Machines
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